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Borderless Friendship Western Australia Inc

Help Hill Tribe Children of Northern Thailand

Borderless Friendship WA Inc (BFWA) collaborates with the Thai sister organisation, Borderless Friendship Foundation (BFF). We aim to enhance the lives of hill tribe children and currently support more than 450 'at risk' children (1/3 of these children are orphans).

The hill tribe people live in remote locations in Northern Thailand with little or no access to education. This lack of education makes hill tribe children vulnerable to poverty and exploitation within Thailand's ubiquitous sex trade. Girls are particularly vulnerable - those who get an education grow up to take much better care of themselves and their families.

We work hard in Australia fundraising, for example, selling handicrafts (made by hill tribe people) at markets. These precious funds provide food, safe accommodation, training opportunities and access to school for hundreds of hill tribe children.

Find out more about the Borderless Friendship Foundation by visiting our website and our facebook page (no log in needed).

Your donations help put a smile on a child's face.

How will the funds be used?

Many Australian volunteers travel to Thailand and work with our hill tribe friends. We see firsthand how the funds are being used. We transfer funds to the Project Coordinator of Borderless Friendship Foundation in Chiang Mai, N. Thailand and he oversees all activities. Every cent is valued and carefully put to the best use. These funds have helped children gain training in sustainable agriculture, purchased animals for the hostels, dug fish ponds, built safe accommodation closer to schools, placed resources in schools and built water tanks to irrigate crops.

Key areas of expenditure:

Food, clothing and shelter Training the children and their carers about sustainable agriculture

For many examples of our projects, please see our website and facebook page.

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