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Running Water Project

providing running water to Cambodian schools

The Well Water Project Inc. is established to be a charity whose purpose is to advance health by raising money to provide running water in Cambodian schools.

This includes:

·         Digging and repairing wells 

·         Providing electric or fuel pumps

·         Connection of electricity

·         Concrete aprons around wells

·         Roof over well

·         Hand pump for wells 

·         Lids for wells (to prevent children falling in)

·         Plumbing to toilets for flushing

·         Providing plumbing to hand washing stations and basins

·         Providing water to school kitchens for cooking

·         Building handwashing stations

·         Building toilets

·         Paying local Cambodian tradesmen and villagers for labour

·         Plumbing to classrooms, sink and bench for science classes

·         Access for villagers to water supply for themselves and their animals during drought. The water from the wells needs to filtered and boiled

·         Stipend for principals involved in collection of data (student attendance rates) for academic research on sanitation

·         Production of posters explaining handwashing (in Cambodian)

·         Paying local Cambodian project managers coordinating schools


The aim is to increase sanitation for all staff and students, which in turn increases school attendance thereby increasing educational outcomes.  With increased sanitation, particularly running water in toilets and hand washing girls at puberty will attend school more regularly.

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36 Kooyongkoot Rd


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