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Support Urgently Needed to End Poverty and Homelessness

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We need your help to sustain our essential EMPower Program, which has achieved outstanding results in breaking the cycle of poverty, homelessness, and family violence for women (trans and cis) and non-binary people

Gendered discrimination, structural inequity, and the lack of affordable housing have resulted in alarmingly high rates of poverty, homelessness, and family violence for women, non-binary people and their children. An estimated 7,690 women return to violent relationships every year due to lack of housing and financial insecurity. This crisis cannot continue.  

Adapted from a highly successful program in the United States, EMPower addresses these challenges, and since being piloted by Juno since 2021, has lifted all participants out of poverty and into safe and secure housing.   

With the bulk of our philanthropic funding ending, we urgently need your help to continue the program and support more individuals to break free from the cycle of poverty and trauma. Please donate today so that we can support more women (trans and cis) and non-binary people with the skills to achieve greater economic freedom and the confidence to recover from trauma and thrive. 
Your donation will directly contribute to providing coaching, resources, workshops, and support to up to 20 participants over 12 months, enabling them to build a more sustainable and thriving future for themselves and their families.  

We need $100,000 to continue this life changing program - with matched donations up to $25,000! Please give generously today and double your impact.

Learn more about the program and the EMPower Pilot Endline Evaluation Summary on our website:  

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